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Prepare for Adventure with People-Carrying Drones

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The moment everyone has been waiting for is here! Drones are no longer just fun gadgets to fiddle around with for a couple of hours. New advancements in the drone technology have put down a landmark that is sure to change the hobby forever – drones can finally carry humans.

A video posted on YouTube shows a drone carrying Casey Neistat, a vlogging personality, around on a snowboard. Among episodes of being pulled much like with a snow bike, Casey also occasionally flies in the air hanging only in the rope attached to the drone, levitating about 25 feet from the ground.

More Power than Ever

Of course, your regular hobby drone would never come near performing such a feat. Having been a powerful vlogger for quite a while, Casey Neistat has some significant contacts in the industry. Among them is Samsung, who are known to be the main sponsors of the video. As such, they’ve put great effort in creating one of the most powerful drones we’ve ever seen, carrying Neistat like a lightweight package through the sky.

The drone used in the video is a rather buffed version of its distant cousins, sporting 16 powerful rotors.
Nevertheless, we can expect such beasts of a drone to soon enter the market, marking a new era for drone flying. Imagine all the possibilities for adventure with drones powerful enough to fully support humans. This means hands-on experience in exploring places never seen before and developing sports based on flying around. Harry Potter fans needn’t think hard to find an application for a flying machine like this – real-life quidditch may be just around the corner.

Time to Freshen Up those Flying Skills

Drones are here, and Neistat being carried in the sky by one shows just how big a part of our lives they’re to become. When people-carrying drones become an everyday gadget, they’re sure to change everything from getting to work to spending your vacation in a thrilling and unforgettable way.

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