Helicopter Charter vs. Jet Charter: Escaping to an Isolated Cabin

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Helicopter Charter vs. Jet Charter: Escaping to an Isolated Cabin

If you’re looking for a unique way to travel, it’s time to explore your options. Let’s say, you’re trying to go to an isolated cabin for a rock mountain climbing adventure, then how should you get there? Two main options appear at the top of the list: a helicopter charter or a jet charter.

Both have their merits and advantages. Both are indisputably awesome in their own way as well. While there is no clear-cut winner in the battle of a helicopter vs. a private jet charter, a helicopter charter offers more unique benefits.

The Benefits of a Private Jet Charter

Booking a plane is easy. Flying in a private jet is even more of an elite option. The benefits of this over a helicopter charter is that a private jet charter has more room. (Obviously, a plane has more room than a helicopter.) A private jet will truly let you stretch out, have plenty of space to yourself as you enjoy your flight. For this reason, a private jet charter may be the way to go if you are looking to travel a great distance. Helicopters typically only carry enough fuel for a two-and-a-half-hour flight.

When compared to traditional airport flying, a private jet wins hands down. You can avoid the airport clutter, long lines where you may have to take off your shoes and coat, and the airport parking lot. Most of the time it’s faster than a traditional plane with a wider range of landing zones.

The Benefits of a Helicopter Charter

While it’s true a helicopter charter may not have as much room as a private jet, it offers other benefits. It’s true there may be more landing zones for a private jet than one going to commercial airports, but think about where a helicopter can land. A helicopter can pinpoint even more precise locations. (Remember that isolated cabin we talked about in the beginning?)

A helicopter can take you to that cabin more closely than a private jet ever could.

Not to mention, a helicopter can do this little thing called hovering. A plane cannot hover. A helicopter can take you on a sightseeing expedition, hovering over the land meanwhile. This means there is undoubtedly more of a view when taking a helicopter over a plane.

Who is the Winner?

Flying is, of course, all around a great option. (Both methods involve flying.) In their own way, there are no winners in the battle of a helicopter vs. a private jet charter. Both are winners because they avoid the ground cluster. There’s no traffic backups, no honking of horns, and no work-hour rush.

If you’re going for a long haul, a private jet might be the way to go. However, if you’re looking to arrive at a more specific spot and want to tour the destination from the air and really take in all it has to offer, a helicopter has a clear advantage.