Take a Helicopter Tour of Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon

Take a Helicopter Tour of Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon

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Some sights deserve a holistic perspective. For those moments when you simply need to achieve an awe-inspiring vantage point for one of the nation’s premiere natural attractions, it’s time to take to the skies. Courtesy of a world-class helicopter provider, you are now afforded the opportunity to check out Horseshoe Bend from a perch few will ever accurately attest to.

Horseshoe Bend is a certified must-see venue in its own right. A river that cuts a path through the Grand Canyon, of course in the shape of a horseshoe, deserves your appreciation once you spot it from the skies. It’s one thing to visit the location from the ground; it’s another thing entirely to more effectively appreciate its scope from above. This is just another opportunity to check out a meander or the Colorado River that leaves a lasting impression on all who are privileged to visit it. Less than ten miles from mile zero of the Grand Canyon itself is Horseshoe Bend, a spectacle well worthy of your attention and appreciation.

Welcome to the newest in aerial tourism! You’ll be allowed the chance to drink in rich views of the landscapes below you, and all for a price that’s easy to get behind. It’s an investment that’s entirely worth the effort, given that the payoff is literally a memory in the making. When it comes to providing you with terrific panoramas of Horseshoe Bend, nothing does it better than with a helicopter tour. And no price comes close to what a helicopter can offer today.

Amenities While You Fly

Rest assured that when you fly with any helicopter tour, you’re afforded nothing but the best in safety and valuable amenities alike. Your security is the lasting concern of each helicopter provider, agencies that make a habit of safe trips to the skies and back. Tested pilots make the experience into a routine practice, while flight crews will attend to your immediate and lasting needs. Of course, maintenance teams ensure that the the vehicle and equipment alike remain in peak condition.

While you’re in the air, you’ll find yourself the privileged recipient of amazing views from both the left and right sides of the helicopter itself. All guests are also provided with noise-canceling headphones, so that you can drown out the powerful noise of the rotors overhead and effectively achieve peace of mind while surfing the skies over the Grand Canyon. In addition, your helicopter cabin remains temperature controlled for the full duration of your flight, so the setting will remain ideal according to your individual specifications.

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