Innovations in Avionics Reduces Pilot Fatigue

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What is Pilot Fatigue?

It’s well known that pilots can experience acute mental fatigue after handling an aircraft for hours at a time. The FAA’s approach to reducing this fatigue includes rest requirements in between shifts and flights. However, how much sleep a pilot gets, actually, has little to do with this kind of fatigue. This fatigue has everything to do with having to navigate, communicate, and aviate at the same time for long flights. Deciphering information from multiple systems while continuously scanning requires a precise concentration that exhausts pilots over time.
Even though the FAA has taken a minimal approach to reduce pilot fatigue, avionics manufacturers have achieved innovations that could change a pilot’s job as they know it!

Reducing Pilot Fatigue

Honeywell’s Primus Epic 2.0 cockpit system, the first of its kind, is a system that simultaneously displays traffic, airspace, terrain, airports and navigation aids. By increasing situational awareness, this system ultimately reduces pilot stress and fatigue. Normally, pilots are required to know the difference between sounds and beeps. Now, with this new system offers a synthetic-vision display with audible terrain and traffic callouts. These callouts are expected to make a pilot’s job significantly less difficult and stressful.

The proper training allows helicopter pilots to fly below treetops

The Primus Epic system by Honeywell offers a choice of 2D or 3D airport moving maps. The 2D map shows runways, taxiways, structures, and signs. For the 3D map, there is a SmartView Synthetic Vision System. In addition, the system includes SmartRunway and SmartLanding options that enhance ground proximity warnings. Because a majority of accidents happen within moments of take-off and landing, this feature was designed to significantly decrease the number of incidents.

All of these innovations have been implemented for numerous reasons, but they all have one sole goal. Making sure that pilots can concentrate on their main job — flying the plane. From updated communication to top-notch avionics, the aviation industry is constantly seeking new innovations to lessen pilot fatigue.

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