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Helicopter Charters

Reasons for renting a helicopter are vast and wide-ranging. Especially in the state of New York! Helicopter charters allow passengers to travel in comfort and style, nearly anywhere! The busy New York lifestyle should be paired with fast and reliable transportation. When you book a helicopter charter with Flex Air, you can expect to be treated like the VIP you are.

Airport Transfers

The state of New York is large and driving between airports can be time-consuming and stressful. With helicopter airport transfers, catching connecting flights has never been easier. Get dropped off right outside your terminal and save. If you are taking a flight to or from one of the following airports, call Flex Air Aviation to set up your helicopter transfer today!

  • Albany International Airport
  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport
  • Islip – Macarthur Airport
  • JFK International Airport
  • La Guardia Airport
  • Newark Liberty Airport
  • Niagara Falls International Airport
  • Rochester International Airport
  • Syracuse – Hancock Internation Airport
  • Westchester County Airport

Aerial Surveys

Helicopter surveys offer a brilliant and unique perspective for different kinds of operations. Real estate agents like to use helicopter charters to treat clients in a special way. They get to see the property from a bird’s eye view. Helicopters also offer the ability to land anywhere that there is flat, open space. Clients may even get to land at potential property purchases.

Construction Charters

Helicopters provide support for construction operations not only in the form of heavy lifts but also with charters. Moving personnel and equipment to and from remote job operations can be difficult to do with time constraints. Surveying construction sites and transporting crew by helicopter not only speeds up the job but also helps to make the job safer and more efficient for all.

About Flex Air Aviation

With decades of combined experience in the aviation industry, the experts at Flex Air Aviation offer transportation options throughout the state of New York. We make the booking process easy. Don’t worry about FAA regulations and flight plans, we handle all of the logistics for you! All you have to do to get started is call 1-800-615-9754!

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