How Helicopters Work

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Helicopter Lift

When it comes to flying, the airplane is known for easily amazing people. However, people rarely consider the capabilities of helicopters. Unlike airplanes, helicopters are equipped with blades or rotors. As the blades rotate, they generate a force that is referred to as “lift”. This allows the aircraft to rise into the air.

Helicopter Thrust

Additionally, helicopters have a rotor in the back. The rear rotor moves directions and forces the helicopter to move either forward, backward, or sideways. This force is generally referred to as “thrust”. Helicopters have the ability to hover in the air without moving. They are also perfect for taking off or landing without a runway! This can be extremely helpful when operations are located in rural areas.

Helicopter Capabilities

The capabilities of helicopters make them ideal for numerous tasks. From moving troops to heavy lifting, there is not much that a helicopter can’t do. The “father” of modern rotorcraft is Igor Sikorsky. He is a Russian aeronautical engineer who filed his first patent for the helicopter design in 1931.

The helicopter is perfect for emergency services, tourism, agriculture and more. Depending on the operations, these aircraft are known for being versatile. They have customizable seating configurations, floats, buckets, sprayers, ladders, and more that can be modified on the aircraft. This is why helicopters are useful for a wide range of operations.

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