Using Helicopters for Cattle Herding

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The United States remains as one of the world’s largest producers in the cattle industry. Over the last few decades, there have been many changes in the way cattle farms operate. These changes are made in order to make processes more efficient, cost and time-wise. Herding hundreds of animals into one corral can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, with one, single helicopter, this can be done in no time at all! Aerial agriculture has been increasing in popularity because of the versatility and effectiveness of helicopters.

Benefits of Helicopter Herding

The proper training allows helicopter pilots to fly below treetops

Experienced pilots are able to locate a herd and lead them to the corral in an hour, whereas horseback cowboys would take weeks. Helicopters provide the perfect level of versatility to execute these operations with ease. The low-hover capabilities steer cattle in the direction they need to go. These hovering techniques also allow for the rancher to identify any sick or wounded animals. Ranchers will also have an aerial view of the vegetation and water supply conditions. Helicopters can help to reduce the stress on not only the ranchers and cowboys but it also reduces stress on the herd as a whole.   

Another benefit of helicopter herding is that most ranchers claim that it is their most effective means of predator control. The ability to quickly move a herd with a loud helicopter keeps the animals safe from those that are higher up on the food chain. The low-hovering rumble that a helicopter gives off is sure to scare off any threats to your herd!

Flex Air Aviation’s Helicopter Logistics

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