What’s the Difference? Helicopter Tour vs Helicopter Charter

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Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours tend to attract tourists’ attention because of their ability to cover large areas in a short amount of time. Places like Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, and Alaska are perfect for helicopter tours because of the sightseeing opportunities. In order to operate an aerial tour company, operators must maintain a Part 91 license. With a Part 91 certificate, an entity must derive revenue from the business that does not relate to its use of the aircraft. General aviation operators must have at least a Part 91 certificate in order to operate an aircraft. With Part 91 helicopter operations, a pilot must take off and land in the same designated area.

Helicopter Charters

If you want to be picked up from one place and dropped off at another, then you want a helicopter charter. With FairLifts, our helicopter charters allow passengers to reach remote locations or simply just arrive closer to their destination than a commercial aircraft can. The required certification for passenger transport flights is a Part 135 certification. These types of operations are generally surrounded by a lot of regulations, red tape, government interference, and safety measures. This is how the Federal Aviation Administration ensures that all commercial flights are safe and up to industry standards. People seek helicopter charters for various reasons. Among those, includes hotel pick-up or drop-off, airport transfers, corporate flights, and NASCAR charters.

Other Operations

Some of the other operations include helicopter lifts, aerial agriculture, and aerial training. For helicopter lifts, operators must have a part 133 certification for external loads. Operators are also required to have a part 137 certification if they are performing aerial agriculture work. Depending on the type of flight school, part 141 and 61. Part 141 schools are generally classroom-based learning, in groups. Whereas, part 61 schools is one-on-one learning with the instructors directly.

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