Drones Deployed to Save the Notre Dame Cathedral

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As the world still remains shocked in disbelief over the devastation that is left from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, people are comforted by the massive outpours of help from all industries. Modern technology will employ 3D laser scans in restoration efforts. Even though the damage is severe, the structure and many of the priceless art inside still stands. The emergency response teams managed to avert the disastrous fire, but not without eyes in the sky!

Notre Dame Cathedral Firefighting Aerial Support

The Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire.

A fire like this, ravaging through 800-year old wood, requires special robots and drones to tackle it. Drones can safely fly into spaces in burning buildings in ways that people will never be able to. Using thermal cameras, drones are able to provide insightful information about how to contain the flames and ultimately extinguish them.

The Notre Dame Cathedral after the fire. (credit: Christophe Petit Tesson)

The DJI drones that assisted with the Notre Dame Cathedral fire were the Mavic Pro and Matrice M210. Typically, landmarks such as the cathedral are off-limits to drones for security purposes. However, in such a dire time of need, Paris lifted the geofencing restrictions. This allowed firefighters to use every tool available to them.

The fire surely would have spread more and lasted a lot longer without the assistance of these autonomous technologies. They were borrowed from France’s culture and interior ministries. Firefighters still don’t have their own drones, but after proving to be so beneficial, we may be seeing more of them in the future!

The burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral was a tragedy that we will come back from. With ground-breaking technology, the cathedral will be restored to its original beauty.

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