Norwegian Cruise Line Uses Drones for Ship Maintenance

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It is no secret that the development of drone technology has impacted many industries. Even Norwegian Cruise Line is implementing them into their maintenance operations! Ship inspections can be dangerous and costly for all those involved. However, hull maintenance is crucial for safe safe cruising.

Norwegian is ahead in the maintenance game

The rough conditions of the seas can be detrimental to a ship if it is not properly maintained. Strong waves and salt water eat away at the thick, steel structures. Over times, these cracks can turn into holes, and no one wants a sinking ship.

Maintenance on a ship that is over 1,000 ft long is time-consuming and expensive. Methods including scaffolding, climbing, and rafting are typically used for inspections. However, there is a new method that has been introduced that is not only cheaper but it is also safer! Drones can autonomously inspect ship tanks and storage spaces without risking lives.

Sensor and camera adaptations are required for these drones to be effective. Because of the thick steel that makes up the ship, GPS mapping and manual steering are disrupted. Special methods are being tested and studied in order to better perfect this useful technology.

Drones Continue to Develop

Drone technology can be adapted to better suit the industry it is working in

Norwegian Cruise Line is not the only organization to begin using drones for something they were not originally intended for. As the trials and testing for inspection drones continue, they are also being developed to benefit other industries. From film production and aerial surveys to ecological assistance, drones are doing it all. Learn more about Flex Air Aviation’s access to and work with drones by calling one of our experts today! We have an impressive network of equipment and operators that is sure to make your operations more efficient!

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