Aircraft Specifications: Beechcraft King Air 350

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History of the King Air 350

The Beechcraft King Air 350 was introduced to the aviation industry in 1984. It was known as the Super King Air 300. The “super” was dropped in 1996. The aircraft was created as the successor of the 200 series, based on the B200.

When it comes to upgrading most airplanes, there comes a point when the basic designs are too dated for new technology. However, that is not the case with the Beechcraft King Air. With this aircraft, owners will be able to recapture their investment in lowering operating costs and higher residual values.

Name’s King Air for a Reason

The Beechcraft King Air 350 was manufactured between 1990 and 2009. It is known for being a versatile utility aircraft with a maximum range of 1,739 miles. King Air 350 has a service ceiling of 35,000 feet, but it requires a balanced field length of 3,217 feet. The average climb rate for this aircraft is topped at 2,000 fpm.

The King Air 350 has two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A reverse flow, free turbine engines, each rated at 1,050shp. The Hartzell propellers are four-bladed, 266.7 cm aluminum alloy automatic feathering reversible-pitch propellers.

Additional Performance and Design

The top speed of this aircraft is 348 mph with a useful payload of 1,563 lbs. The cabin volume is 417 cu ft with a baggage volume of 70 cu ft. the average number of passengers the jet is configured to accommodate is 8 passengers. However, there are multiple configurations to accommodate a combination of passengers and cargo.

The rugged design and heritage of robust systems make the King Air 350 one of the most dependable and predictable turbine airplanes in existence. The King Air 350 is a rare airplane that is capable of taking off and carrying full fuel and seats in the most extreme conditions. Most airplanes cannot take off in high air temperature conditions, however, the 350 has enough margin to safely take off at maximum weight on the hottest day of the year.

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