Helicopter Gender Reveal Flight

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On November 11, 2020, a couple in Brown Summit, NC, took the gender reveal party to the next level by using a helicopter to let family and friends learn the sex of their unborn baby. The helicopter flew and hover at around 300 feet before releasing chalk smoke that revealed its gender. Blue exemplifies a boy while pink is for a girl. Since then, most expecting couples opt to use helicopters to disclose the unborn babies’ gender.

Typically, the process involves one of the couples or a loved one calling and booking a helicopter to use for the gender reveal party. The provider often charges a small fee and acquires either blue or pink EPA-certified chalk smoke depending on the sex of the baby. The event is often a surprise, especially when the couple is unaware of gender. The couples, including the attendees, often learn the gender of the baby during the day of the reveal.

On the day of the reveal, a pilot will fly the helicopter to the location and hover to attract the couple and loved ones. While about 300 feet from the surface, the chalk smoke sprayed into the air will reveal the gender of the baby. The pilot will then fly away to the port, leaving the couple celebrating and excited about the news. This has become a standard approach for most couples nowadays looking to make the gender reveal party unique and thrilling.

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