Helicopter Solutions in Calgary, Canada

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Helicopter Solutions in Calgary, Canada

Perfectly situated in the western Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary sits at the junction of the Bow and the Elbow River. The area is known for its terrain that is a mix between foothills and prairie. The economy of Calgary is powered by the energy, finance, film, manufacturing and tourism industries. Helicopter operations regularly offer efficient solutions for a multitude of operations. From heavy lifting to tourism, helicopters offer a noteworthy perspective to assist in tackling any job.

Experience The Benefits of Employing Helicopters

There is no end to the capabilities of the professionals in this industry. The industry requires operators to be well-versed, trained, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the industry from operations to aircraft. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to planning the logistics of an operation. At Flex Air Aviation, no detail slips through the crack. We handle the complicated logistics so that you won’t have to! Here is a deeper look into some of the jobs that we regularly manage.

Construction Services

The process of using massive ground cranes for rooftop operations is great for just the standard basic operations. However, at Flex Air Aviation, our experts have facilitated some of the most intricate and complicated construction operations. We make moving heavy equipment, supplies, cargo, or HVAC units look easy! If you want to get the job done while putting in minimal effort, call Flex Air Charters now!

Emergency Operations

Emergency preparedness is something that is taken very seriously with Flex Air Aviation. When disaster strikes, it’s important to act quickly and mindfully while handling operations. From life flights to search and rescue, there is no operation that we are not prepared to conquer in the best of our abilities. Even local law enforcement turns to us for a multitude of helicopter operations!

Tours and Charters

Helicopters are perfectly versatile and reliable when it comes to spicing up your travel plans. You can fly, in-style, and arrive with unrivaled speed and service alike. Whether for the purpose of getting from point-A to point-B or for sight-seeing, helicopters offer the most spectacular views while you get to where you’re going! See Calgary from a new perspective, today!

Filming Services

The film and television industry of Calgary have taken their projects to new heights. Helicopters have found their ways into the hearts of directors and viewers on a global scale. From filming with a helicopter for production or filming for survey purposes, helicopters offer a more precise, focused, and wide-ranged shot than any other method!

Flex Air – Offering More Than Solutions!

We have made the difficult process of booking any type of helicopter easy! Our experts offer solutions for not only Calgary and the surrounding areas, but also all across North America. Every helicopter operation we manage, we handle with the utmost care and respect, but with a sense of urgency. Because of that, our experts are able to offer you the exact aircraft and operator that will suit your needs, no matter what they are!

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