Honeywell Aerospace Receives a $72-Million Contract to Repair Assemblies in Support of the V22

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Honeywell International Inc. has been awarded $72,944,708 for long-term, fixed-rate requirements to repair the six weapons assemblies to support the US V22 Tiltrotor aircraft designed by the nation’s Navy.

The contract is expected to run for a long-term, about five (5) years until the end of 2025. The US Department of Defense is overseeing the assembly repairs through the Naval Supply System, Weapon System Support under the contracting activity code – N00383-21-D-XP01. The military wing is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Honeywell International is expected to undertake the aircraft repairs in two states. In California, work will commence in San Diego and Torrance, while in Arizona, repair projects will take place in Tucson and Tempe.

The US V22 Osprey aircraft was manufactured through a partnership between two bigwig companies, Boeing and Bell. The military plane is specially designed to take vertical and short take-offs and landings.

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Photo Credit: Honeywell Aerospace