Radio City Christmas Spectacular

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Private Jet Charter to Radio City Christmas Spectacular

While it is no secret New York City hosts an array of attractions with lots to do, what some people do not realize is there is even more around Christmas time. Put simply: New York offers a magical Christmas experience with tons to do whether it is simply window shopping to ice skating at the Rockefeller Center, to just observing the big city lights. Another common attraction is to go to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

About the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, also known as the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes takes place every year at the Radio City Music Hall which is located in New York City. The show runs for 90 minutes and welcomes over 140 performers who sing and dance. The show also has humor and traditional scenes. The highlight of the show is the woman dancers known as the Rockettes. The show has a deep history, dating back to 1933. Over the years a total of over 3,000 women have performed as Rockettes.

The show used to run only 30 minutes but grew in length over the years. Each year over 1,100 shoes are worn in each performance. Between November and December, around 23,000 tours are given out to the music hall. Each year 3D glasses are handed out for viewing Santa flying in the sky. One million of these pairs are handed out every year.

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