Surveying Helicopters Fly Out of Airport

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Those of you who were near Greenwood County Airport and keen enough might have noticed some surveying aircraft flying out of the popular airport in December 2020. The interim engineer in the county, Rett Templeton, was one of the individuals who noticed the activity. Speaking to Index-Journal, Templeton confirmed the timing and even disclosed that he clearly spotted some of the surveying tools hanging from the helicopter.

Rick Trammell is a fixed-based operator at Greenwood County Airport. He is also another person who witnessed the surveying procedure. He revealed that the helicopters’ operators fueled the aircraft’s three times, and left shortly after paying their bill.

The aircraft that was used during the surveying process was run by Geotech, a renowned Canadian private company. The organization is one of the most trusted ones when it comes to airborne geophysical survey mapping, analysis, and interpretation. One of the reasons it is leading in the industry is it guarantees accurate data. Besides, it works together with its clients to implement all-inclusive solutions to meet the clients’ specific needs. As per Geotech’s website, the organization tests for things such as electromagnetism and minerals. How they provide the needed services depends on the requirements of the clients. All the same, they offer a large pool of excellent options.

According to the pictures that were taken on the day of the surveying activity at Greenwood County Airport, Geotech was using their VTEM (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic) system. Typically, VTEM produces a particular type of current that diffuses into the earth. Just like water, the currents are more drawn to the path with less resistance. VTEM helps conductors to absorb a lot of signals, making it possible to correctly tell a material’s conductance.

During the same month, Trammell said that he spotted a helicopter cutting down tree limbs with its saw blade attachments in Greenwood County. Even so, no one was able to contact Geotech for more information regarding the same.

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Photo Credit: Index-Journal