Flying With Pets Made Easy Through Private Jet Charter

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Friendly Furry Flying

Maybe it’s just because of post-COVID lockdown compensation, or maybe not. Either way, the services and amenities of many private jet charter services and hotels have become friendlier than ever to their customers’ furry friends.

Whether people are crossing the skies from Los Angeles to Dubai or from London to Singapore, numerous luxury hotels and the first-class flights in between have begun making specific arrangements for pet comfort.

Now dogs, cats and even other animals can not only travel right next to their owners, they can also enjoy the best in personalized comfort along the way.

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Private Jet Charter Hospitality 

The air hospitality industry has begun catering to this demand with a whole range of services. These revolve around more intimate onboard accommodation that lets owners stay with their four-legged companions during flights. Then of course, there are in-flight bonuses that include grooming, special gourmet pet food menus and cozy, custom-made dog beds. These particular amenities are just the beginning of this trend.

Private charter flight services have taken a particular interest in pet-friendly travel. With private flights, customers are traveling solo or with people that they’ve personally selected to accompany them. This creates an entirely different onboard dynamic for tolerating the presence of a pet. For obvious reasons, in commercial flights, none of these factors are the case even for the most exclusive seat bookings.

An increasing number of charter flight services notice the inherent demand for this service. They’ve even started to publish promotional photos and other materials that highlight the presence of dogs and cats on flights.

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Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter Accommodations 

Post-travel sanitizing, special treats, unique pet comforts and pet first aid services have also become part of the package for many providers.

In some cases, companies charge additional cleaning and catering fees for allowing pets onboard, but not always. As one provider noted, clients bringing their cats, dogs, and other pets onboard has made the company’s Instagram more popular. In other words, having cute creatures onboard not only benefits the customers, it can also benefit service provider PR.

Pet owning fliers should also be careful about how and what they book. Not all charter planes are equally adapted to the presence of your animal. This applies especially for large dogs. Hiring something like a Challenger 300 or Gulfstream V would be much safer for bringing large pets onboard than would be the case with a quick hop in a tiny Cessna Skylane.

According to information shared by Hilton, during the pandemic, 23 million U.S. homes welcomed a new pet, and 65% of those newly formed families said they were interested in traveling with their fluffy partner. Hilton even noted that the Number 3 top booking filter in 2021 was “pet-friendly.”

Hotels are now offering special packages that include everything from the basics, like a dog bed along with food and water bowls, all the way to extravagant pet menus created by top chefs at their in-house restaurants.


Where Can you Book a flight, for you and your furry friend.

If you’re interested in a private jet charter in general, or specifically want to know about pet-friendly flights across the U.S. or internationally, Flex Air Aviation is ready to flexibly accommodate your needs. Contact us to find out about our broad and comfortable range of charter flight options of all kinds.

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