Ukrainian Based Company “Ramzay” Has Developed a New Military Helicopter

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Ramzay, a private defense company that has a history of creating military-based attack weapons and helicopters & government helicopter services, has unveiled their new helicopter issue, the RZ-500. The RZ-500 is a rotary-wing combat helicopter drone that is armed with missiles. The helicopter is said to be a low observable drone that can fly to a range of 300 KM and has an endurance time interval of 120 minutes, as well as having a weight size of 500 KG and has a service ceiling of 4,000 meters, meaning that it will be efficient in its service in terms of speed, height, and ability.

The drone is said to be armed with missiles, specifically unguided rockets, precision-based munitions, anti-tank missiles, and heavy machine guns at each wing of the drone, making it an exceedingly dangerous drone that will be sure to aid military fighters in the combat field. The drone is designed to have an unarmed aerial system and will have the capacity to carry at least two anti-tank missiles and also many other rockets and munitions that have been designed to fit inside their system.

The drone is also said to be able to fly in full autonomous mode, in which the plane will take off and land on its own command, as well as having a built-in function where it can return back to a military base on its own accord.

Drone’s seem to be the future in terms of military fighting, with the most recent explosion in popularity for this piece of technology being the American military’s deploying drones during the war in the middle east. Drones tend to be a surefire way to minimize causalities on one side while maximizing them on the enemy side. As we progress further in the future and technology takes a hard autonomous turn, we can expect to see more advanced pieces of technology that will make Ramzay’s new drone seem childish in comparison.

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