Santa is Reaching Children with Helicopter Flights

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A New Age for Old St. Nick?

Across the United States, a beloved figure is making appearances in small towns, big cities and many places in between to the delight of children of all ages. We’re talking about Santa Claus of course, but there’s a neat twist to this particular Christmas tale.

Instead of a flying sleigh pulled by the likes of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet and Cupid -or possibly even Rudolph- jolly old St. Nick has been making his rounds by the fully modern and presumably less messy use of modern helicopters.

In one recent visit on December 4th, families throughout the Massachusetts community of Southborough dashed to St. Mark’s School field for Santa’s latest annual visit. Here the bearded gentleman made an afternoon appearance by helicopter in honor of the town’s 44th annual Santa Day festival.

Helicopter Santa

(Photo by Ed Karvoski Jr)

St. Nick then crossed over to the Community House across the street where he spent a good while hearing the town children’s gift requests before taking to the skies once again. In a show of appreciation for Santa’s visit, refreshments were served outside the Community House while a choir made up of Algonquin Regional High School students sang carols a cappella.

Dasher, Dancer, Copter, and Vixen…

This was far from the only helicopter Santa visit to grace New England so early. The very next day, Jolly Old Saint Nick flew off to New Haven, Connecticut for a special visit with the children of U.S. Coast Guard families at the Stratford Point Lighthouse. On this occasion, Santa circled overhead in his high-tech sleigh as kids waved and jumped up and down in joy.

In this particular case, not a landing was made, but St. Nick did promise a Christmas Eve visit and will be making more stops throughout the region in the coming days. He has after all been flying in on modern mechanical sleighs in the form of planes and now choppers since 1929, when the tradition was first sparked by Friends of Flying Santa.

And finally, though it’s far from the last trip we’re expecting to see in the coming days, there’s Santa’s brief visit a further distance away. This time it was in the town of Dayton, Ohio, where families gathered in anticipation close to the Dayton Mall just before noon, waiting for the sound of…. Rotors, and of course some jolly old man’s laughter as Santa’s helicopter dropped in for a quick loop and some friendly aerial greetings to the kids that arrived.

Helicopter Dayton Santa

(Photo by Dayton 24/7 Now)

Santa’s New Travel Solution.

No shortage of other Santa flybys and gift-giving landings are expected before the big night, on Christmas Eve, when the reindeer and sleigh will be busy in the more traditional way. After all, occasional helicopter charters are usually Santa’s choice while the sleigh is in the shop before its big night.

If you however need to get anywhere as quickly as Santa’s been doing lately, executive luxury charters are always available, even during Christmas holiday nights. Contact FlexAir Aviation and book your next trip, whether you’d like to make it by plane or helicopter too, just like Saint Nick.