MSP Helicopter Assists the Detroit Police Force In Apprehending Two Drivers Who Were Street Racing

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An MSP helicopter was very successful in assisting the local Detroit police station in apprehending two drag racers who were causing a mess at an intersection in the city. It started when a helicopter had spotted a car doing donuts at an intersection, the helicopter had identified the type of vehicle that the drag racer was in and called it into the nearest police station and had waited for the police cars to come and apprehend the suspect. Once the drag racer had seen and heard the police sirens coming from a distance away, they had then pushed on the gas pedal and had gone on a chase away from the police cars in an attempt to outrun them and hide from them. This would have definitely worked if not for the MSP helicopter that was closely following and monitoring the drag racer and updating the police car on the route that they were taking and what they were doing, as well as their levels of gas.

As it seems, the drag racer was unaware that there was a helicopter monitoring them from above and had no clue that the police were completely aware of where they were at all times. The drag racer had pulled into a gas station due to the low level of gas that they had and had thought that they would fuel their car, while also hiding from the police in a public space. Unfortunately for them, the police cars pulled up on the drag racer, and in one final attempt to escape, the drag racer drove out of the gas station in a hurry, almost crashing head-on to another police cruiser. The drag racer drove for a while, out speeding the police, but the helicopter was still monitoring them. The drag racer then pulled into another gas station but quickly pulled out once he saw the police cars coming.

The chase ended after the drag racer was on the highway and stopped driving due to the lack of gas that they had. The drag racer then tried escaping on foot but was quickly apprehended.

Due to the helicopter, the drag racers were apprehended and arrested and will be charged. Helicopter aerial surveying was vastly important in this specific case, and as a result, is one of the main services we offer at Flex Air Aviation for those who wish to use a helicopter that can monitor activities from above.

Photo Credit: MSP Metro Detroit