Relief as a Survivor from a Gruesome Bear Attack is rescued by a Coast Guard Helicopter in Alaska

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A man who had escaped death narrowly after being attacked by a bear was fortunate enough to be rescued by Coast Guard Helicopter. The victim had embarked on a skiing trip with his friends in Southeast Alaska when the terrifying event occurred.

According to reports released by Anchorage Daily News, the victim sustained injuries to his hands and face during the attack that occurred northwest of Haines on Saturday. A statement from Joe Wineke who is the command center watchstander for the Coast Guard’s District 17, said that the unidentified man together with his two friends were hiking on a mountain near Chilkoot Lake. They accidentally trespassed into a den of a brown bear sow. The animal had an unknown number of cubs and this prompted it to attack one of the three skiers who rolled down the hill.

Luckily enough, the hikers had packed a satellite communication device that helped the coast guard to pinpoint their location easily. Additionally, they wore brightly colored clothes.

In the rescue operation, an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter carrying a five-person crew was dispatched from Sitka. When they spotted the injured skier, they lowered the crew to evaluate the nature of the injury, hoisted him to the helicopter, and airlifted him to safety. To do even better, the coast guard shared a video they recorded as they hoisted the injured man to the helicopter.

The copilot Lt. Cmdr. Will Sirokman, applauded the other two members who accompanied the victim on how they handled the situation by assisting the injured and calling for help in the freezing mountain. The helicopter transported the injured to Juneau, where he continues to receive treatment. The Coast Guard pointed out he was not in bad condition as he was talking at the time he was rescued. The other skiers were in perfect shape and skied down the mountain on their own.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game cautioned skiers by explaining to them that bears in the southeast region hibernate a relatively shorter duration than those in the north.

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