China Putting Out Blueprints for the Next Generation of Attack Helicopters

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China is aiming to go more futuristic in the designs of their military helicopters, with the inclusion of adding heavy transport helicopters, record-breaking efficient helicopters, and new concept helicopters that will revolutionize the aerospace division of the military all across the world forever. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence into the design system of the helicopter, these new helicopters are expected to be the most efficient and capable helicopters to ever exist.

China has a history of producing dozens of new and creative helicopters when it comes to dealing with its military. The newest utility that they have created, the Z-20 will allow China to be able to create advanced fourth-generation type helicopters that will fit in with the futuristic type of design that they are looking for. The Z-20 will complete the Chinese military’s trio of aerospace attack weapons, with having 3 different sizes of attack helicopters, small, medium, and large. These 3 different sizes will surely be incredibly helpful as all 3 advanced helicopters will allow for different tasks and missions to be completed with efficiency and ease.

In terms of the next plan in designing helicopters, China and Russia are said to be collaborating in their creation of a new 40-ton class heavy helicopter that will be able to withstand a large amount of damage and be able to carry multiple heavy objects across a large space of land. Afterward, China is looking to quickly advanced to fifth-generation technologically advanced helicopters by then creating record-breaking fast helicopters that will surpass all other attack helicopters in speed. They plan to first build the biggest helicopter that will be able to hold the most mass, and then create the quickest attack helicopter the world has ever seen. By attacking and solving two issues that most helicopters have, mass and speed, China will quickly place itself on top of the military aerospace race. In inclusion to fixing these two issues, China is also said to be able to incorporate artificial intelligence and robotic systems in their helicopters and include new energy and 5G signals that will make their helicopters better.

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Photo Credit: Xiang Xu