Derazona has Placed an Order of Airbus’ H160 Helicopter to Aid in Gas and Oil Sector Operations in Indonesia

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Derazona helicopter intends to buy Airbus H160 to aid in Indonesian oil and gas sector operations. The company has already placed the order and they are waiting for the chopper to arrive.

According to Airbus, the multi-mission helicopter will come in handy in achieving the country’s expansion plans in the oil and gas sector. H60, will play a crucial role in the transportation of staff and enhancing offshore operations.

More importantly, Vincent Dubrule who is the Head of Asia Pacific of Airbus Helicopters was delighted by Derazona for expressing their confidence in the company. Once the helicopter arrives, the company will be the first in the country and the larger Asia Pacific region to operate H160.

He further pointed out that this chopper will be a game-changer as it integrates high standards of performance, safety, comfort, and design. With such added features, Dubrule believes that H160 will be a great plus to their customers and it’s bound to bolster Derazona operations.

Ramadi Widyardiono who is the Business Development Manager of Derazona Helicopters, also supported the remarks stating that the H160 helicopter comes at a time they have embarked on a journey to expand their business. He couldn’t stop expressing his joy and talking about the opportunity this state-of-the-art equipment was bound to bring to their oil and gas operations.

A report released by Airbus indicated that this helicopter that has 68 patents, is amongst the most technologically advanced choppers. They stated that it was designed with passengers’ comfort and safety in mind.

More importantly, it integrates an unprecedented suite of pilot aids, a feature that comes via its Helionix Avionics. This aspect significantly reduces crew workload minimizing chances of pilot error.

H160 helicopter has been built to meet all the demanding conditions that come with gas and oil operations. With a compact size, the chopper has a better edge in landing on oil platforms.

Even better, it uses the latest Arrano Engines, which are powered by Safran Helicopter Engines, which helps it to save up to 15% of the fuel and minimize emission.

Finally, with one of the largest Fenestron tail rotors and blue edge blades, H160 has reduced noise levels.

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