Proposal From the Skies: Farmer Asks Woman to Marry Him via Corn Maze Visible From Helicopter

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Men and women have historically found some remarkably unique ways to propose marriage to each other, but it’s probably safe to say that few of these efforts have been quite as unique as what New Jersey resident Zach Freeborn pulled off to show his girlfriend Killian Leahy that he wanted them to get hitched.

Leahy knew that Freeborn was planning on popping the question at some point in the autumn, but the when and where remained mysterious, until one September 13th helicopter flight that is.

One that day, Freeborn invited his would-be fiancé on a helicopter flight over his family’s Sussex County farmstead, Tranquility Farms. And though she simply assumed that this was going to be an interesting photo-taking hop into the sky and no more, Leahy got the surprise proposal of a lifetime instead.

At one point during the flight, Leahy started to notice that, spread out below across a multi-acre spread of cropland, written in the corn, was the phrase “Marry Me?” Zach Freeborn then offered the ring he’d been hiding with himself all along. How could anyone resist such an enormous proposal? Of course, Leahy said yes.

The couple first met six years ago when Leahy worked at Pub 517 in Green Township, a restaurant right across the way from Freeborn’s Tranquility Farms family business. They then started dating only several years later.

In November of 2019, Leahy started spending more of her days on that same farm, particularly as the COVID pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns took hold of the United States.

Freeborn had been planning his unique proposal since June of this year, right when his family started planning on building their annual corn maze and were debating its layout. Leahy of course had no idea.

According to the soon-to-be bride, “I knew the proposal was coming but I had no idea it was going to be that epic. I was so caught off guard. I was expecting it to happen in October since that is my favorite month and I love Halloween. Never in a million years did I ever think it was happening the way that it did.”

Freeborn himself received some enormous help in his gigantic marriage proposal plan from a close friend, Andrew Stephanic, who happens to be a helicopter pilot for the New Jersey State Police and to own his own charter helicopter business.

Stephanic was able to receive special permits for the sake of making Freeborn’s proposal work out the way it did, and off into the skies they went.

Because the Freeborn Family farm in any case had a helicopter photo overflight of their farm conducted each year, Leahy had no reason to suspect anything unusual when her boyfriend asked her to join him this time.

Leahy’s reaction sums the effort up beautifully, “When he proposed I was overwhelmed with tears and love,”. It would be hard not to after a gesture like this.

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Photo Credit: Killian Leahy