Tom Cruise Makes Surreal Helicopter Appearance in Family Backyard

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One family got one very unexpected surprise when a helicopter landed in their back yard only to have the actor Tom Cruise emerge from it.

According to reporting from the BBC and other sources, Cruise needed a piece of nearby open space in which to “rest his chopper” briefly and the backyard of Alison Webb and her family in Warwickshire happened to be an ideal spot.

According to what Webb told the BBC, she received a phone call that a certain “VIP who was running late” needed to land somewhere nearby because nearby Coventry Airport was closed. According to Mrs. Webb, “I thought it would be kind of cool for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden,”

However, she didn’t know who the VIP was going to be, and when Cruise emerged from the helicopter, it was a complete surprise, “He basically arrived and got out and it was like ‘Wow.”

According to the Webbs, Mr. Cruise was a perfect gentleman right from the start. Once out of the helicopter, he went right over to Webb’s children for a bit of a chat and then said hello to the adults at the house. After that, he asked if the kids would like to go up for a ride in the helicopter.

Alison Webb called the whole experience an “incredible day” and “surreal”.

Tom Cruise, 59, and costar Hayley Atwell happen to be working not too far from the Webb’s home on the film shoot for their latest “Mission Impossible” film, MI7. Both stars and other cast members have also been seen at nearby shopping centers.

Filming of the movie has been going on all over Europe in past weeks and Cruise, along with other cast members has been spotted in other European countries such as Norway and Italy, and even in the Middle East.

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Photo Credit: Dave Burton/MEGA