Motorbike Crash Victim Assisted by Rescue Helicopter

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Not all medical helicopter requests come in for the retrieval of people from highly remote areas. Sometimes, these professional air rescue machines are used for assorted reasons in helping with accidents and incidents that are fully accessible to road-based emergency crews.

Such was the case this past Wednesday when a medical transport helicopter was called into the scene of a motorcycle accident that had occurred early in the afternoon along Route 14 close to Havana Glen Road in Schuyler County, N.Y.

Calls for emergency response were picked up a little after 3:00 pm and a helicopter landed on the scene shortly thereafter. Reporters on the scene also stated that the helicopter was seen landing in the parking lot of the New York State Fire Academy.

According to police testimony, the rider of the motorbike was traveling down the length of Route 14, but then somehow drifted off the road and toppled after slamming into a guard rail. A statement from the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office claims that the injuries suffered by the rider weren’t too serious, but that the victim of the crash was nonetheless flown to a hospital with the same chopper.

This incident occurred on the same day as another accident in the same county in which another motorcycle crashed into a car, causing the death of the motorcyclist. This latter accident unfolded that Wednesday just after 7:15 am on State Route 414 at the intersection of County Route 31.

In this earlier accident, a 70-year-old man was driving along State Route 414 when he turned into County Route 31 and moved right into the path of a passing motorcycle being ridden by a 31-year-old male. The motorcycle driver was pronounced dead on the scene after the arrival of ambulance, police, and fire vehicles.

It’s highly possible that the on-scene death of the motorcyclist in the morning accident prompted the unusually robust helicopter response from rescue services during the much milder afternoon motorbike accident: Having already witnessed one fatality on the same day, in the same county, emergency services could have been hoping to avoid a second death by using the fastest possible medical transport resource on hand.

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