Woman Evacuated by Helicopter from Slippery Town Crash

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The town of Slippery Rock Township also apparently had a problem with slippery roads this past week when a woman driving down Johnson Road inside the township drove through a property only to crash into a tree around 2 p.m on Wednesday.

The driver was initially thought to be in a far more severe state of injury when rescue officials arrived because she was found by personnel laying in a nearby field. This immediately led them to believe that she had been thrown from the vehicle. As it turned out, however, she had gotten out of the SUV of her own volition and walked over to the field to lie down and rest.

The vehicle itself was found in a moderate state of damage where it was pushed up against a tree and dirt incline right at the edge of the small country road on which the woman had been driving.

The passenger in question was conscious and able to move when she was taken from the scene and lifted into a helicopter for medevac to a nearby hospital in Lawrence County.

If the use of a helicopter evacuation for this particular accident seems like an unusually serious effort on the part of the Pennsylvania State Police in this particular case, it may have been provoked by worries stemming from previous accidents in the same region. In some of these other cases, the outcomes were far more serious.

Most recently, on October 20th of this year, a man and woman driving another SUV were also flown to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Youngstown after a crash on Route 422 in the same county and township. In this earlier case, a semi-truck with no trailer slammed into the vehicle as it was pulling out of the parking lot of a local bar.

The passengers sustained non-life-threatening injuries but did have to be extricated from their vehicle by members of the Slippery Rock Township fire department.

Another even earlier accident that occurred in 2017 involved a case of two passengers losing control of their vehicle on Slippery Rock Road, crashing into a tree, and sustaining severe injuries. In this particular case, the female passenger of the vehicle died on the scene as a result.

The township and its emergency rescue authorities are not strangers to lethal accidents and the helicopter is being deployed as a strong precaution against future incidents of the same.

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