An Aerial Look at The US West’s Megadrought

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2021 Megadrought Entering New Extremes Though it’s not widely known to some outsiders, the western United States is passing through what could best be described as a megadrought that has been ongoing for over 20 years to-date. This event that …

Florida’s Top 5 Private Airports

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Florida has quite a few people coming into the state each year, and there are many reasons for this. The state offers a wide range of diverse natural environments to peruse and visit, along with urban destinations, popular attractions such …

Sundance Film Festival

Everything You Need to Know About the Sundance 2022 Film Festival

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Sundance 2022 is Back! Sundance 2022. For those who absolutely love the energy and excitement of a bustling series of film premieres in the lively atmosphere of a major film festival, Sundance 2021 must have been a major disappointment. Sure, …