Due to Coronavirus Covid-19 airline fleet grounded at the Airport taxiway. The largest Hong Kong based carrier Cathay Pacific Airways grounded most of their aircraft fleet. Those aircrafts lined up at on the taxiway and waiting to transfer to out port for a long term parking.

The Aviation Industry: Navigating Current Challenges and Looking to the Future

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The aviation industry, a cornerstone of global transportation and commerce, has faced numerous challenges in recent years. From workforce shortages to sustainability concerns, the sector is grappling with issues that demand immediate attention and innovative solutions. Drawing insights from a …

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Hydrogen-Powered Planes: The Future of Sustainable Aviation

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Hydro-Power The aviation industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation. As concerns about climate change and carbon emissions intensify, hydrogen-powered planes are emerging as a promising solution. With the potential to reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint significantly, …