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Thermal & Infrared Imaging with Flex Air Aviation

As the use of drones continues to rise in many industries, there are increasingly beneficial uses for business. The money that you can save, along with the safety for operators, makes this field truly groundbreaking. As technology continues to improve, the capabilities of drones do as well. Now you can fly at night with increasing efficiency with the use of thermal imaging and other technology. As this continues to become more popular, larger areas can be monitored and data collected on a continual basis with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

We Will Teach You the In's and Out's of Thermal & Infrared Technology

Countless pilots take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 test for the sole ability to be able to legally pilot a drone in the dark. This is a great skill to have, but just because you have passed the FAA test doesn’t mean you are an expert drone pilot. We take pride in our training programs that allow students to move from a basic knowledge of drones to practical, skilled pilots. If you want to learn how to skillfully operate your drone at night, our Thermal and Infrared Drone Operation Program is for you. It’s about more than simply operating a drone at night well, though. Many students are training to be able to monetize their skills after they complete our program, and you have to be good at what you do to reach that goal. Let Flex Air Aviation training take you where you want to be!

The Forever Evolving Technology of Drones and UAVs

The uses for drones and UAVs have grown continually over the years. Many of us have a friend who bought a drone years ago to play around with, but perhaps we didn’t take them that seriously. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that drones are not only here to stay but they are revolutionizing the ways that business is done.

When you apply the technologies of thermal imaging and infrared to a UAV, it has the capability to complete tasks that were previously only carried out by piloted aircraft. Aircraft are extremely expensive and cost prohibitive. Many people who wanted the service of imaging either paid for it on an absolute-need basis or they just didn’t use the services of the market.

Now, many more people taking advantage of drone services, and the market range is growing daily as people realize how they can apply drones to their business. Let Flex Air Aviation train you to complete your certifications as well as to become a great drone pilot. We’re waiting to take you from an enthusiast to an individual who is making money in the drone industry! There is room for you, and we will teach you how to do everything.

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Popular Services for Drones and UAVs

Thermal & Infrared Operations

Home Inspection

Taking a close look at a property that you are considering purchasing is always a great idea. In the past, when people were looking at large pieces of land, they often didn’t have the ability to see every part of it. This no longer needs to be the case, thanks to drone technology. Using different mapping techniques, you can look at the land for erosion purposes or to inspect the integrity of the buildings. This isn’t only for the buyer; real estate agents are increasingly preparing visually stimulating presentations for their clients using the impressive camera technology that drones have. You can take virtually any property and make it look like paradise if you know what you’re doing. Let Flex Air Aviation teach you the skills you need to take advantage of this growing market, and join one of our courses today! All it takes is a quick phone call to start.

Thermal & Infrared Operations

Search & Rescue

Drones are becoming increasingly indispensable in search and rescue missions when you are looking for something or someone. Many people don’t take this seriously, but drones have helped to find at least 10 individuals who had gone missing. Many things make this possible, but key is that drones are capable of flying through areas that traditional fixed wing aircraft cannot. Along with this, drones can operate during the day or night, and many have highly developed camera technology that allows for the detection of difficult to find items. When these types of technology are applied to the search and rescue field, there is more accuracy along with a longer duration of search time. A pilot can only travel for so long in search of something, but drones can be programmed to fly in precise patterns in their searches.

Thermal & Infrared Operations

Electrical Inspection

By using thermography to gather temperature data in a precision manner, drones have shown themselves superior to other methods of data collection. For electrical inspections, you no longer have to send out crews with dated equipment to physically read meters for data acquisition. A drone can get all of that information for you, and with more speed. Due to the increased accuracy of drone photo capabilities, the images are sharp and mistakes are nearly eliminated. Human error is a costly risk taken on by utilities providers. You should look into whatever can make things more efficient and lower mistakes, and that’s drones and UAVs. There are unlimited drone uses with infrared technologies. Find your new skills at a Flex Air Aviation training facility near you!

Thermal & Infrared Operations


As their technology continually grows, UAVs are more often used as part of the firefighting trade. Aircraft have always been important when fighting large-scale fires, as there needs to be a thorough understanding of the area threatened. New drones are more commonly being fitted with infrared sensors so that they can gather information about precise temperatures over large areas. This helps the firefighters because they can now know exactly what is taking place and can then develop a plan to attack the fire in a way that would make them most successful. As time goes on, more uses will be found for the implementation of drones in fighting fires; this is only the beginning. There’s no limit to how much this technology can be used, and there is much less risk for a pilot who wants to get close to the fire.

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