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Dynamic UAV Moving Vehicle Operations Training

Flex Air Aviation is committed to producing the most highly skilled pilots in the drone services industry. Our dedication to grooming the first real generation of Moving Vehicle Operations (MVO) experts is unsurpassed. New applications arise in the drone industry all the time, and these are expanded under the MVO umbrella. Increase in efficiency and reduction of operator fatigue are two of the benefits of MVO flying. We are proud to offer specific training for this field.

Flex Air Aviation’s Motor Vehicle Operations Training Course

The field of drone services is continually growing and we make it our mission to help all of our students specialize, so that they achieve as much as they can within the industry. Moving Vehicle Ops are increasingly used to take advantage of the extended capability that drones have when the pilot is also in a moving vehicle. Range increases because the drone doesn’t have to return to its launch point. Our training course is comprehensive and hands-on, allowing you to gain experience in real-life scenarios. You can become the next member of a growing field by contacting us today!

Flex Air Aviation is able to offer a wide range of unmanned aircraft operating training in order to satisfy every customer. If you are interested in creating a specially designed operation training for your company and employees Flex Air Aviation is the only choice. Our customer support agents will set up everything for you. Contact us today in order to arrange for a customized UAV moving vehicle operation training program. Call the customer support staff team members at 1-800-615-9754!

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Unmanned Moving Vehicle Operation Teams

UAV Moving Vehicle Operations

Two Person Teams

To maximize your efficiency as a MVO provider, a team of two is the way to go. You can maintain a visual line of sight with your drone at all times with this method. Students will train as both spotter and pilot, allowing for a complete understanding of each role. This will help you to protect your aircraft and run the operation in an effective and efficient manner. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives to learn more today. Gain value for yourself and your business with the two-person team MVO training program with Flex Air Aviation.

UAV Moving Vehicle Operations

Three Person Teams

There are times where two operators are not enough to properly take care of a job. When this is the case, there often needs to be three people active at one time. This is where our three-person team training program comes into play. You can increase productivity and do things faster with a third person. Another benefit of a three-person team is that operators can take breaks without any delay to the operation as a whole. Taking turns will eliminate fatigue and reduce the risks of pilot error.

UAV Moving Vehicle Operations

Four Person Teams

Sometimes you need to do more than pilot the drone effectively. Teams of four are used when there is a continual stream of data coming in and it needs to be processed on the spot. You can process vast amounts of data when you have four people. This will allow you to not only specialize but to also switch roles during an operation to give everyone some variety with their work. Flex Air Aviation offers a four-person team course that will train you for all of it!

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